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Sexually transmitted diseases, or STD clinic is one of the most serious challenges humanity. These diseases are spread from person to person by sexual transactions. Shared awareness is one of the best means to fight these diseases. While many people realize that with the help of government and NGO efforts, many still feel shame and died when he was diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the most common names among sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea. This disease is also known as the tripper. The word clap find the origin of the French word & # 39; Clapier & # 39; that is, a brothel, since these diseases are commonly spread prostitutes and other persons with similar occupations. Others think that it comes from the Old French word & # 39; clapoir & # 39; that is, the sex hurts.

gonorrhea, one of the leaders of sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial infection, which infects about 700,000 people in the US each year. This disease is not spread by sharing toilet and bathroom; but vaginal, oral and anal sex with infected people, both at birth (ophthalmia neonatorum). Although the & # 39; tripper in the & # 39; They are rarely reported to have spread, in spite of safe sex, male 20% chance of catching the unsafe sex episodes, whereas the female is a risk factor of 60-80%.

In some cases of gonorrhea are asymptomatic, while others may be present in various ways. A person infected with gonorrhea can exhibit symptoms such as a yellowish discharge from the penis, and pain on urination 2-30 days after infection. Often show symptoms such as fever. On the other hand, capable of women infected with gonorrhea symptoms such as vaginal discharge, difficulty in urination, off-cycle menstrual bleeding, vomiting, fever and sometimes bleeding after intercourse.

Sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is often a dreaded disease as there is no serious reason to do so. It is a fact to use curable disease. Treatment of this disease in the United States recommended by vigorous antibiotic CDC (Center for Disease Control). In the UK, most cases of gonorrhea treated as a separate sexual health clinics across the country. Only once the disease can be difficult to fight because it is a drug-resistant strain. To make the treatment more effective PDPT (supplied partner patient treatment) is carried out throughout the world exactly where the sexual partner of the patient is tested and treated if diagnosed.

Although gonorrhea not be difficult against disease; if left untreated, it leads to unexpected complications; some of them can be as severe as joint problems, sterility, and even heart valves.

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