Good News – Not all genital warts caused by STDs

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If a man who is not sexually active, finds that his warts on his penis, he may be confused and panicked. But most people do not realize that the warts on the penis is not caused by STD. It is possible that one of them is caused by several skin diseases.

nonvenereal These warts often look like sexually transmitted warts. Often, the warts on the penis caused by HPV, or papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease. A layman can not tell the difference, but a dermatologist can tell which is which.

Psoriasis is a skin disease with warts and lesions in specific areas of the body due to dry skin. Then these warts are often the scrotum, penis or rectum on its own territory, the same location, sexually transmitted warts appear. You may also be itching and irritation around the wart. You may notice that the itching comes and goes. If you have psoriasis, you probably similar lesions in other parts of the body. Most often they are located in the back of the knee or elbow.

lichen planus no other spreading sexually transmitted condition, causing warts of the penis. Those with a certain look; often flat top, polygon and slightly flaky. Like psoriasis, lichen planus who suffer from the skin problem often similar in different parts of the body.

These conditions are usually harmless and generally the warts disappear on their own without treatment. But in some cases, it is more and more. If this happens, you should definitely talk to your doctor about treatment. Often, the same type of treatment used for both genital warts and nonvenereal like these. The options are the same; chemicals, surgery or laser treatment to remove the warts. The point is, this treatment is to simply reduce the discomfort of the penis.

There are medications that can be prescribed by your doctor for you to manage your penile warts at home. They are almost always only with a prescription. There are also used for over-the-counter drugs to treat warts, but most doctors do not recommend them. If used improperly, the result can be severe pain and worsen the problem. If you treat warts on the penis, or in cases where an outbreak is suffering, you can always wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. KEEP the will of these affected areas become irritated, and this goes for both HPV and Nonvenereal warts .

If you are a sexually active person, but finds that the warts on the penis, talk to your doctor to treat the problem. Do not be ashamed, and you feel like you picked up somewhere. in the absence of sexual genital warts are quite common.

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