Antibiotic is the most common sexually transmitted diseases – chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomonas

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start of sexual activity at a younger age today, and many attempts without thinking of the consequences. You may not be aware of or educated about the many issues involved in sexual activity. It still leaves a problem STD & # 39; Unsafe and safe practices reasons.

Do you think that & # 39; suffering from STD? Learn more about the signs, symptoms and treatments common STD & # 39; and below.

up to several common sexually transmitted diseases, and up to a further cycle of sexually transmitted infections (STI), which more often that others in the United States today. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomonas (Trichet) is the most common STD & # 39; and the USA in the appropriate antibiotic treatment, these infections can be cured.

Any person may submit asymptomatic or some overlapping symptoms. Common symptoms are increased vaginal or penile discharge, painful urination and irritation or itching. There is a hallmark symptom that helps to distinguish Chlamydia or gonorrhea, Trichomonas. Smelly foam is better described as typical of champagne, yellow, green phlegm Trichet.

These sexually transmitted infections can be diagnosed clinically, but is usually performed laboratory testing in order to verify the results. Testing is recommended for those who have sexual activity, especially in risky behavior, such as: there is no protection or multiple partners. Common STD testing & # 39; and it includes NAAT test, Gram stain or urine tests.

There are many different routes that you can choose when to treat STD. There are many different options available antibiotics when you try to cure the infection. Antibiotic therapy is based on the cost-effectiveness and the severity of the symptoms. Some antibiotics to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea following options. Two (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea) these three infections are treated with antibiotics at about the same rate. effectiveness of antibiotics against these two bacterial infections include the third generation quinolone which is somewhat expensive. The tetracycline family, or a first-generation macrolide treatment for a cheaper yet effective antibiotics Chlamydia route if the cost of antibiotics is a concern. The second-generation quinolone a cost – effective solution for gonorrhea but efficacy should be considered.

It is believed that if the chlamydia or gonorrhea to empiric therapy are usually indicated as co-infections are common.

Trichomonas (Trichoderma) an anaerobic protozoa infections, and so is treated with an antibiotic other categorized. Flagyl is the first-line treatment Trichet and also offer a reasonable price.

If you are pregnant or less than 18 years old and another antibiotic may be indicated because of contraindications. quinolone antibiotics Tetracycline should not be used during pregnancy, or if less than eighteen years old.

In a highly recommended treatment and abstinence should be exercised until the antibiotic treatment is stopped. These common STDs can be cured if you take the right antibiotics. There is no follow – up is usually indicated unless symptoms persist. If symptoms persist, contact your service provider for further evaluation and possible treatment regimens. If you do not you are not subject to further complications may occur, such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

In order to prevent the spread of STD & # 39; and there was a push for education and for abstinence to combat sexually transmitted infections. Safe sex for those who have chosen to become active are also being emphasized. Key areas of focus condoms and monogamy to prevent transmission or acquisition of these sexually transmitted diseases.

Visit your health care provider for evaluation if any of these risky sexual behavior or signs and symptoms mentioned STD. The service provider may want to do STD testing is possible & # 39; s, and start treatment if warranted.

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