Syphilis and the Pope

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Syphilis is common and well-known sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Sexual intercoarse the top of the three possible ways that agreement. If that is not sexually transmitted, it is possible, but rare to have a direct contact with infection. Your body will also be accepted that the disease in the mother. This is called congenital syphilis.

There are several historical figures suffered from syphilis, including Pope Alexander VI, Christopher Columbus, and five of Henry's wives, Francis I of France, Ivan the Terrible, Elizabeth I, King Edward VI, Napoleon I of France, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Al Capone. As you can see, syphilis dates back a long way.

known that many of the "Syphilis – The Great Imitator" [] Syphilis is a very difficult disease to diagnose. This is often confused with other sexually transmitted diseases. There are a reported 35,000 cases of syphilis each year, 60% were male. Unfortunately, syphilis can take the lives of the victims, if not treated. This can cause damage to the heart, brain, and nerves. Treatment of STD, it has two options; tablets per day (this is the least efficient method) or penicillin. Treatment, half dose of penicillin is injected buttock. This is very painful, so procaine give some relief.

Syphilis can be terrible, or mild, but either way, he does not want. If in doubt, check it anyway, it can be the difference between life and death.

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