Throat Gonorrhea – Symptoms and Treatment

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pharyngeal gonorrhea is the term that the gonorrhea of ​​the throat. Most of the time, this type of gonorrhea harmless. Many people do not experience symptoms. It does not get transmitted easily and without treatment can usually get healed. However, people with gonorrhea oral pain and sometimes, it can cause severe infections or tonsillitis.

After an unprotected oral sex, and you experience a persistent sore throat for about a week after that can be caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus gonorrhea names. It takes about a week to manifest the symptoms of throat gonorrhea. This is also the time that you need to go to the doctor and tested so they can be given the appropriate treatment. As soon as you feel an acute sore throat, contact your doctor or your local STD clinic to get treatment. A sore throat is usually the only symptom of gonorrhea, it's important to get tested if you experience a persistent sore throat after oral sex.

throat gonorrhea are considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by bacteria. transmission of gonorrhea throat easily through oral-penile intercourse or fellatio than vaginal intercourse or oral-licking. Throat gonorrhea prevalence of oral sex with a person infected with gonorrhea bacteria. Gonococcus Neisseria gonorrhea or infect mucosal body parts, such as the penis, anus, genital, throat, vagina, or eye.

Diagnosis of throat gonorrhea, gonococcal standard bacterial culture is usually done. This type of study is very specific, so most do not perform laboratory tests. STD clinics are well equipped to do this test, but if your usual clinic or lab, you can notify them that the samples have been sent to test gonococcal culture, rather than a general examination of bacteria. In addition, a typical sore throat swab test will not detect the pharynx or throat gonorrhea.


Gonorrhea throat generally involves oral antibiotics. However, this standard therapy is becoming problematic because gonorrhea now a bacterium that is very resistant to common antibiotics. The treatment of different combinations of antibiotics have to be administered. In some cases, injections may also require medication. Also, the different countries or geographic regions, different types of antibiotics that work in combination with each other. You can ask your doctor to check if the treatment is most effective in combination with antibiotics for gonorrhea using existing national disease control supplies & # 39; s advice.

Moreover, it is quite common that infects gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia. Therefore, the usual gonorrhea infected people to be treated simultaneously with other sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from antibiotics; there are also available over-the-counter painkillers, which can be prescribed by doctors to help heal a sore throat. Like any other STD, abstinence from sex, or the acquisition or protection to prevent the spread of the disease.

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