STD Crab & # 39; s: A Guide to the Elimination of

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also known as pubic lice crabs are often wrongly identified as an STD. This is not a STD or STI, but parasitic insects which attack the hair follicles. In this article I will give you some information crabs signs that, and ways to prevent receive.

crab gets its name from a cancer-like shape of the insect body when using a microscope. Cancers lice or pubic lice are very similar, except that generally extends through sexual contact. This can be anything from actual intercourse with just touching private areas to have oral and anal sex. Pubic lice can survive pull out of human blood and are usually found near the base of the hair follicle. It is a misconception that these insects are found only in the lumbar area; They saw armpits, and the beard as well. There is no gender specificities of contracting the parasite, all free games.

The most common sign of cancer intense itching / scratching bleeding in the groin area. Similarly, head lice, these parasites digs the follicle reaches the blood in the skin around it, which is what causes itching. Although cancer is very small and very fast, sometimes visible to the naked eye, if not a magnifying glass. What is seen largely depends on the stage of the life cycle of this. Nits or lice eggs are usually white or pale yellow to see them, and probably the easiest life stage, because they do not move. After the eggs hatch the baby crabs are called nymphs, which is just a smaller version of the adult cancer. Another way to determine which cancers to look for small brown spots that waste ceases insect. They are generally easier to spot than the actual cancer.

The best and most obvious way to prevent getting cancer, to abstain from sex completely. This is easier said than done for most people, so practicing safe sex is the next best way. Ask your partner if you have or have had a parasite. Before examining sex partner that you have it. You do not have that feeling uncomfortable, you just need observent during foreplay. It is better to catch him before the start of the action than to realize it afterward.

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