Treating Genital Warts Naturally

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Genital warts are spread through sexual activity. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), these warts are not as painful as other diseases. However, like other sexually transmitted diseases, people tend to judge and criticize people who are known to produce warts. Many people who have realized that they suffer from this disease are faced with two options. One, they suffer in silence and do nothing, which is a higher risk of cancer. Two, you will face the shame and seek medical advice. If these two options do not try another option. For home or natural remedies to remove them.

Remove genital warts

The first step of the home remedies to remove genital warts. Removing one of the best treatments of apple cider vinegar (ACV). Other types of vinegar will work, but ACV smells better than other vinegars. When vinegar is used warts, especially in the under-the-skin warts, acetic makes them appear. They appear wet, and turn whitish in color. There are places online which suggests soaking the warts ACV, but this is not advisable because the acid in the vinegar can cause severe drying and irritation. Apply start dabbing ACV on the warts once a day and then wash an all-natural soap. To prevent chapping use of vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel.

Another, safer, non-irritant EGCG (epigallocatechin and gallic acid) green tea is a powerful antioxidant used to fight cancer. There are significant benefits in the treatment results are shown EGCG brain, prostate, cervix, and bladder cancer. Applying EGCG to warts, mixed with crushed aspirin daily (to fight stinging of the warts) or shea butter (for sensitive skin) can help remove genital warts. Drink this tea as much as you can.


strengthen the immune system is very helpful to fight off warts. Supplements can improve healing time. Consider the following supplements: a multivitamin, EGCG (pill form), rose hips, ACV (pill form), elderberry, vitamin B and calcium. Spend a few extra dollars to improve the overall health supplements.


exercise improves circulation. More circulation increases blood flow and nourishing vitamins which improves their overall health. Exercise can also help reduce stress levels. Stress can worsen the health of any improvement. Spending at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity can not only improve your body but also your way of thinking.

Natural Remedies

Wartrol natural treatment, which is used for genital warts. It is homeopathic, safe and effective without side effects. Wartrol helps reduce the appearance and discomfort of warts on any area of ​​the body. It comes in liquid form 1.0 fluid ounce bottle. To use the product, spray twice under the tongue three times a day. It can also be used to locally enhance efficiency.


Genital warts are annoying to get rid of the body. Doctor & # 39; s outrageous costs. In order to receive treatment genital warts without emptying the wallet, try home remedies. These safe and effective.

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