Genital Warts – How to determine if the bumps on the vagina, penis or anus warts STD

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Do you think genital warts and why they are all men. Genital warts are caused by a virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection human papilloma virus. The disease is inherited through the "sexual contact" so & # 39; and clear the warts are likely to have developed as a result of sexual activity with an infected person. You can scream all you want people calling every name under the sun, but the damage is done, so lets not waste time planning revenge, lets focus on the treatment of warts. Not everyone will develop genital warts, and fortunately for most, including those who have visible warts, the virus usually disappears from the body over time.

If you & # 39; ve noticed warts around the vagina or penis, but not sure what to think of it, you get what you think you see is determined by GPs. Okay, it's embarrassing having to say to someone, especially when you think that it has been awarded the warts, and the location of the place, but hey, sexual problems of this nature are common and not something new doctor.

You & # 39; It is unlikely to be exceeded or not can be left to treat episodes of genital warts suffered after a long-term health problems. There is more information about how to manage their own warts effectively get rid of them at the bottom of the page.

How genital warts are passed on

The virus from person to person through sexual contact and affects both sexes.

vaginal or anal sex is a common way to pass on warts.

The penis does not even have to make the vagina and spread the virus.

Can the virus passes through a condom, yes and no. It may not be the condom, but because they do not cover the entire genital area is possible, and there & # 39; and even the possibility of splitting the condom is putting you at risk.

Despite the virus can be passed on to the warts they disappeared.

It & # 39; seldom can & # 39; ll hear them develop in the mouth or throat, or mouth oral sex, but be careful – nothing to chance.

Possible pregnant woman to pass the virus to her baby during childbirth, yes, but not common ..

Do not go panicking seen everything clean. The warts are not coming through toilet seats, towels or cutlery. And no, using a common pool and kissing and cuddling.

Genital warts and symptoms

It & # 39; s important that you & # 39; aware of the symptoms of acne will help rule out some other kind of sex, whether it's harmless or severe. It & # 39; s embarrassing to be a shrewd when it comes to sex with an infected person, because not everyone get HPV warts are visible, so no clear sign of the presence of infection.

Female – warts can develop inside the vagina, thighs, and further, or on the bottom. In other areas – the vulva (the lips around the opening of the vagina) and cervix (the entrance to the uterus).

The penis, scrotum, urethra (the tube where urine is released), and upper thighs, and on, or inside the bum typical local men.

may be difficult to detect. Some are so small so it's hard to miss.

Genital warts look flat or small bumps appear smooth, or as a large pink flower cauliflower.

These come in single or in clusters.

I & # 39; cause pain is not known, however, the itching and inflammation may be a problem.

warts cause bleeding from the anus or urethra.

If the whole show little movement, this may be a sign of warts in the urethra.

It & # 39; s natural to worry when something happens in the body does not recognize it, but the warts removed. Do not be put off the doctor fearing the worst, what he / she will do, or what the treatment involves, as there is not much to it.

The control study

You may need a magnifying glass to be used to look at the warts.

The GP can arrange a test inside the vagina or rectum.

Not often, but you might call a small sample (biopsy) of the wart.

Local anesthesia may be used depending on the area of ​​warts are found.

The usual practice is to detect most infections by blood, but something is genital warts blood test.

I do not want to consult with your family doctor to & # 39; s fine, try another source of help. Call your local genitourinary medicine (GUM) or sexual health clinic, or you can try a contraceptive clinic.

Although images also show how genital warts look like, remains cautious and know someone checks the condition. It & # 39; s easy to get confused, and confusion is something that will interfere with its treatment of warts, that is, if they are warts, pimples or boils, not.


If the warts are visible, you & # 39; ll get treatment. Medication for changing the area positioned warts, their size and number. In most cases the treatment is effective, but again, the size and type of wart will determine the success and the strength of the immune system. Antibiotics does not clear the infection, since bacteria are not the cause.

There are creams and lotions specifically designed for this. Some needed can be applied for several weeks the warts. Other treatments – Freezing (cryotherapy) – Heat (electrocautery), local anesthetic – surgery, the local anesthetic. – Laser treatment of the local anesthetic.

warts may return, but it & # 39; and there is no evidence it & # 39; the original result of infection or infectious disease from a partner. If you take the necessary precautions to be safe, then the answer – back to the original infection.

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